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Sunshine blogger award!!

Very Excited & happy 🙌..got nominated for Sunshine blogger award by wonderful blogger Jaidip patra.. I am very grateful and thankful to you . It is indeed a great inspiration booster for me. Explore his amazing bolgs here @ Passionofwritting . Really nice writting..!

The sunshine blogger award is given to those who are creative, positive and inspiring while spreading sunshine to the blogging community.

Here are the rules !

Write a post thanking to the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their blogging sites.

Answer the question asked to you by the person who nominated you.

  • Nominate 11 new bloggers and ask them 11 new questions.
  • Notify them about the same by comments on their blog.
  • List the rules and display the sunshine blogger award logo on your site or in your post.

Now, here are the answer of Jaidip questions.

What is the idea behind your blog?


What motivates you to write?

Sometimes thoughts form a chain ..a link ..so , inturn words built a structure ..so i just like to take it down here ..

What is your hobby?

I basically like to try out different things..like every art related everything.. drawing✏, painting🎨, crafting even playing instrument 🎸.. traveling

Who is the person you admire the most?

I admire persons with great Self esteem. There are so many .. can’t say out one ..they not necessarily be public figure. Some are : Harsha bhogle , Veena patil , Rajiv bakshi ..& All the great ideals .. &one of most important and special ..my brother

What makes you most delighted?

Appreciation 😌

Good company💙


Do you think yourself special? If yes then why?

Indeed .. everyone is special & hv amazing self qualities

What are you most passionate about?

Adding ‘➕’ in whatever i m doing

If you are given all the necessary things to live your life then how would you spend the rest of your life?

Using it according to my Moods 😎😛

What is the most important thing to shine in life according to you?

Confidence ..self belive..because when you believe in yourself..world will believe in you

How to be eternally happy always?

Looking at positive sides ..making every moment worth .. spreading joy as much as possible ..

What is the most special quality that you try to find in others?

Pure_ genuine relation .. 😇…. I hate when someone becomes judgmental 😷

Nice to answering you 😊..

& Here are my nominees:



Siphe_God’s girl

•Heart to soul




•Zakhana Goyal

• String of thoughts


• smriti chawla

Congrats to all my nominees ..& here are the questions for u :

1.What is your favourite post you’ve written ?

2.What things are you most gratful over in your life ?

3.What would your ideal day be like ?

4.One song you’ll never stop listening!

5.Where is your favourite place you’ve been?

6.What made you start blogging?

7.what is the craziest thing you’ve ever done !?

8.Tell me about one of the most interesting dream you’ve seen .

9.What is your hobby ?

10.who is the person you admire the most .

11.If you could have any superpower ..What would it be ?

Please give feedback about my blog posts. It helps me to write even better.

I will be eagerly waiting for your answers .. Thank you so much..

Once again a lots of thanks to jaidip for motivating me this way..and sry for late response..

Stay blessed!!


We all know the theory; Darwins Theory of Evolution_Natural selection ( “Survival of the Fittest ” ) , which tells ,Natural selection acts to preserve and accumulate minor advantageous genetic mutations .The inferior members of the species would gradually die out , leaving only the Superior members of the species .e.g We all know that How mosquitos of successive generation adopt change in their size ..and even in resistive power …We can actually relate this biological theory with our life .

Recently I read short story -Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson..it said ” Sometimes things change and they are never the same again.This looks like one of those times . That’s Life ! Life moves on .And so should we .”

Change ..
Little little changes in life we always have to face ..which are sometimes unavoidable sometimes necessary.. willingly or unwilling..

Like from changing home ..dis may be one of the first emotional breakage we might face ..we are so used to the place where we grown up as individual .. Community -we used to .. ..that neighborhood….even plants , roads, trees, courtyard… like every living _non-living thing ..with whom there is strong emotional bond ..And all of sudden..we need to Change the place !!!..that feeling is so so intense and heart is Overwhelmed..& at the same time mind is Empty ..

Eventually ..we face many more ……from school, friends..& then comes the worst ….that is we move for job or college leaving Family behind ..may be to different state , may be to different nation ..

All this is what ..CHANGE ..
These are external ..more we face is internal unrestrained change ..at every stage in life ..which r mentally emotionally gushing & esoteric. Their was a lady ..like ourselves only. She grown up in joint family .. surrounded by lots of people, friends. her happiness was the reason behind her perfection .Lot many were there to complement her .. please her ..All was a Perfect Routine ..she never used to be alone ..and never had thought she would have to …
But circumstances happen a way that she is now completely alone ..day by day she started losing enthusiasm ..making her discouraged ..

What was it ..A CHANGE ..
But is it necessarily worst ..who said .. can’t it be flourished… can’t it be bloomed .. can’t it be even better in fruiful way ..
Obviously it Can ..& it should be rather spending it in evincive manner seeking for reasons of undesirablity.

If conditions r changed ..we have to change ..instead of overanalyzing.. thinking and thinking about past .. regretting.. only dreaming things ..it’s so easy to stare into darkness but wouldn’t we rather focus on the light rather than the dark ?
Dewitt Jones said ..” Our Vision controls our perception and our perception becomes our reality” … So it’s completely upto us how to take up the things..

So , Celebrate the CHANGE ..make it beautiful ..make it glorious..make it Worth ..

AGE: a count of…

Small children have kind of innocence on their faces..not bcz their new healthy skin ..
As we grow up that maturity comes on faces that combines all that experiences..hard times ..happy times ..worst times ..
Age is not number… it’s that amount we gone through…

Face tells that age..
Eyes hv that firmness .. stiffness..

Sometimes we come across some aged , yelder ppl ..might not having that energy ..they might look calm ..
But behind their every word every thought
There having that 6 th sense..which is their from what we call this age..what we call experience….

At every stage we go through some happiness..some excitement ..some fear ..some threat..some tension ..some worries..some stress ….some joy..some amusement.. success.. failure..
It never changes with generation …COVER may change but structure remains same..

having peculiarities..

The World makes mistakes ..it listens to mistake ..BUT never learns ! Every individual gets little wiser at the end of life ..not because others wound ..but due to wound happened to ourselves..

That’s what .. experience can never be learned by seeing..it is gained by suffering ..