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It wasn’t the way she felt
It wasn’t the way he showed off
It wasn’t real either
It was only the game of puppets
She was involving,
perpetually ..
Often she came across reality
Knowing Virtuality..
But having stupid faith that
it won’t distroy….

AGE: a count of…

Small children have kind of innocence on their faces..not bcz their new healthy skin ..
As we grow up that maturity comes on faces that combines all that experiences..hard times ..happy times ..worst times ..
Age is not number… it’s that amount we gone through…

Face tells that age..
Eyes hv that firmness .. stiffness..

Sometimes we come across some aged , yelder ppl ..might not having that energy ..they might look calm ..
But behind their every word every thought
There having that 6 th sense..which is their from what we call this age..what we call experience….

At every stage we go through some happiness..some excitement ..some fear ..some threat..some tension ..some worries..some stress ….some joy..some amusement.. success.. failure..
It never changes with generation …COVER may change but structure remains same..

having peculiarities..

The World makes mistakes ..it listens to mistake ..BUT never learns ! Every individual gets little wiser at the end of life ..not because others wound ..but due to wound happened to ourselves..

That’s what .. experience can never be learned by seeing..it is gained by suffering ..

These dayz..
Pages r turning so much faster ..
Each single line is sooo immense

giving much more dat nt found in whole half chapter
Every another day comes with Something new _something extra
_From trusting other to .. loosing faith
_From being discouraged from others , to.. believing in ourselves
_From disappointment from others, to… a new start at our own
_From being exhausted to.. end up with smile on face
_From being judged from others, to..doing best in our own aspect

Each line is making best version of own self..🌌✴